I am available to provide trainings on neurodiversity affirming care. Trainings include information on the history of the neurodiversity movement, key terms, person-first vs identity-first language, current research, presentation in marginalized communities, neurodiversity affirming strategies, and resources for further exploration. There is a special focus on autism, ADHD, OCD, trauma, LGBTQIA+, trans and gender diversity, chronic health, and disability.

All trainings are individually adapted for the audience (mental health, education, and/or work settings). Can be provided in-person or virtually. Fee schedules can be provided via email. Please contact me at for more information.

Prior Trainings:

5/16/2024 @ Ohio State University (Wexner Medical Center)

4/24/2024 @ Clark State University (Cultural Engagement and Accessibility Services)

2/16/2024 @ Ohio University (Survivor Advocacy Program)

12/1/2023 @ Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (Student Accessibility Services)

10/6/2023 @ Ohio State University (988 Careline Training Series)