Actually Autistic Blog List: – “Our goal is to assemble the most complete possible list of blogs written (in English) by (professionally or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people about our personal experiences with autism.”

Amythest Schaber: – Amythest is an autistic advocate known for a series on YouTube called “Ask An Autistic.” They also run a Tumblr blog called Neurowonderful and are active on Twitter as @neurowonderful.

Autienelle: – Lauren Melissa Ellzey is an educator, speaker, author, and autistic self-advocate who is active on social media as @autienelle.

Autisticoronapoliticalifragilisticexpialidocious Blog: – “Just the thoughts and musings of a middle-aged, aspiring Buddhist, late-diagnosed autistic female genius. You will probably not agree with me, but at least I will make you THINK.”

Autistic Muslim Experience: – Written by Said Shaiye (

Black Girl, Lost Keys: and – J. René Brooks focuses on educating and motivating Black Women with ADHD.

Christine Miserandino: – Christine is known for developing “Spoon Theory,” which is the idea that disabled people often have limited energy (spoons) to use throughout the day compared to non-disabled people.

Devon Price: – Devon is the author of Unmasking Autismand Laziness Does Not Exist and identifies as a “Trans effeminate alt academic.”

E.J.: – E.J. shares educational content about their auDHD experience on social media as @likelysalty.

Eric Garcia: – Eric is an Autistic Latino journalist based in Washington, DC who recently wrote the book We’re Not Broken.

Females with Autism: An Unofficial List By Samantha Craft: – “This list is meant as a springboard for discussion and more awareness into the female experience with autism.”

Fidgets and Fries: – Tiffany is “disrupting supremacist systems one story at a time” and is active on social media as @fidgets.and.fries.

Haley Moss: – Haley is an Autistic advocate, attorney, author, speaker and educator who is active online as @haley.moss.

Ira Eidle: – Ira has a YouTube series called “History of the Neurodiversity Movement” and runs a website called Autistic Archive ( that aims to preserve the autistic community and neurodiversity movement’s history. He is also active on twitter as @Eidle_Ira.

Jim Sinclair: – Jim Sinclair has been regarded as someone who has advanced the neurodiversity movement, including his piece “Don’t Mourn for Us” that he wrote in 1993.

Judy Singer: – Judy Singer is regarded as the person who coined the term “neurodiversity.”

Kassiane Asasumasu: – Kassiane is known for coining the term “neurodivergent” and currently works for the Foundations for Divergent Minds (see in Organizations below).

Lydia X. Z. Brown: – Lydia is an autistic advocate, writer, attorney, and public speaker who is well known within the neurodiversity movement. Their website is linked here, but they are also active on social media.

Manuel Díaz: – Manuel is a physicist who has written and translated several pro-neurodiversity articles on his bilingual (Spanish & English) website.

Maria Davis-Pierre: – Maria founded Autism In Black, which “aims to provide support to Black parents who have a autistic child, through educational and advocacy services” and is “dedicated to bringing awareness to Autism and reducing the stigma in the black community.”

Mel Baggs: – Mel was an autistic non-binary blogger who was involved in the early stages of the autism rights movement.

Mike Jung: – Mike is the author of several children’s books and was a founding member of #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

Morénike Giwa Onaiwu: – Morénike “is an educator, writer, public speaker, parent, and global advocate. A proactive, resourceful professional and disabled woman of color in a multicultural, neurodiverse, serodifferent family, Morénike, who is American-born to immigrant parents, possesses undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Relations and Education. She is passionate about human rights, justice, and inclusion.”

Mr. Chazz: – Mr. Chazz is “breaking generational cycles” through his action on social media, his podcast, and coaching services.

Nick Walker: – Neuroqueer is the blog of Nick Walker, who is “queer, transgender, flamingly autistic author and educator, best known for my book Neuroqueer Heresies and my foundational work on the neurodiversity paradigm and Neuroqueer Theory.”

Nigh Functioning Autism: – Tiffany is a Black Autistic self-advocate who is active on social media as @nigh.functioning.autism.

Oswin Latimer: and – “Oswin is an Autistic, Choctaw, Trans, Queer activist and educator with a long history of working against supremacy in faer disability justice work.”

Phenomenonally Autistic: – “Autistic artist/actor/advocate” who is active on social media as @phenomenallyautistic.

Sandra Coral: – “Sandra is the writer behind @nd.narratives that was @theadhdgoodlife on Instagram, a page where she shares her experiences and insights from her late in life ADHD diagnosis and Autistic self-diagnosis as a Black femme and transracial adoptee.”

Sonny Jane Wise: – Sonny is an “internationally recognised advocate, educator and author.”

Tyla Grant: – Tyla is an autistic vlogger and the Founder of Black and Neurodivergent (BAND).

Yo Samdy Sam: – Sam is a late-diagnosed autistic advocate who creates content on YouTube.