Amelia Galier Slama

Amelia Galier Slama is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Ohio (E. 2001951) and Kentucky (273236).


Amelia provides affirming teletherapy services for individuals who live in Ohio and Kentucky. She focuses on supporting those who have experienced differences related to autism, ADHD, OCD, trauma, LGBTQIA+, trans and gender diversity, chronic health and disability. As someone with lived experience in several of these groups, she is passionate about creating spaces to support and empower others within these communities.


Amelia is dedicated to core values that guide her practice as a neurodivergent provider. She believes that therapy needs to be a compassionate and non-judgmental space. She believes that therapy needs to be centered around the neurodiversity paradigm. She believes that therapy needs to respect our intersecting identities (gender, sexuality, relationships, race, ethnicity, ability, culture, religion, and more) and how these impact our experience with the world. She believes that therapy needs to be easily accessible, affordable, and should take into account the cost of living of the client and the provider. Lastly, she believes that therapy needs to go beyond our work in session to include advocacy, justice, and community support.

Crisis Support:

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, you can contact these numbers for immediate assistance.

If your emergency is life or death, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

National Hotlines:

Ohio Hotlines:

  • MRSS (Mobile Response and Stabilization Services) 24/7: 1-888-418-6777 and –¬†Families with youth and young adults up to age 21 who are experiencing difficulties or distress can receive assistance within 60 minutes after contacting MRSS. You may also receive up to 42 days of intensive, in-home services and linkage to on-going support.
  • Cleveland Mobile Crisis 24/7: Call 216-623-6888
  • Cleveland Rape Crisis Hotline 24/7: Call/text 216-619-6192 or 440-423-2020